Broccoli and Pea Cutlets

by prash

Green , healthy and tasty – Broccoli and Peas cutlet is nourshing, packed with protein and nutrients and something you couldn’t get enough of !


• ½ cup all purpose flour
• 3-4 broccoli florets, sliced
• ½ cup frozen peas, defrosted
• 1 spring onion, sliced
• 1 cup water
• Salt & pepper 
• Olive oil for frying


• 1 tsp Tahini
•  lemon juice
• Olive oil
• Water
• Salt & pepper 

1. In a mixing bowl, add all the ingredients of the cutlet, mix them well.
2. Grease a frying pan with olive oil, pour a little portion of our mixture and spread it using circular motions, making a circle shape.
3. Flip it over and cook till crisp brown on both the sides. Add more oil while switching sides.
4. For dressing sauce/dip, mix all the ingredients and place it aside.
5. Garnish with fresh choice of herbs or salad and drizzle with dressing.
6. Your tasty green broccoli and pea cutlets are ready! Serve hot.

Enjoy your tasty Vegan meal from Team Vegan Vitamin!

If you’ve tried it , do let us know how it went and feel free to tag us with #veganvitamin on instagram so we can repost your mouth-watering posts.

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